Negative Philosophy—Philosophy of Negation: The Concept of the Negative in Classical German Philosophy

The Research Network for Transcendental Philosophy and German Idealism welcomes the submissions of abstracts of approximately 300 words on the theme of “Negative Philosophy.” Although English is preferred, papers in either English or German are welcome. In our discussions of negative philosophy, we aim to re-think the role of negation (and related concepts, such as ‘reality’, ‘determination’, ‘limitation’, ‘finitude’, etc.) in Classical German philosophy, of which here we have only given the briefest indication. We welcome all papers related to this theme in German Idealism, Early German Romanticism, and Transcendental philosophy in the German tradition broadly construed, from Neo-Kantianism to Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology. We also welcome papers on the relationship between apophatic theology and classical German philosophy, the putative limitation(s) of knowledge and cognition, as well as the philosophical legacy of the philosophy of negation in classical German philosophy as it pertains to contemporary philosophical discourse.

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23. Juli 2018