Toward Perpetual Peace

The third International Peace Workshop: Toward Perpetual Peace - On the Distinction between North, East, South, West

Workshop Dr. Serguei Spetschinsky, Zübeyde Karadağ, Sun Demerli, Lucas Thorpe

The workshop understands itself as an experiment: the goal is to bring together philosophers from radically different perspectives and involve them into a reflected confrontation about their points of view. Our questions are purposively provocative: the idea is to challenge cultural boundaries. Because the 2009 Peace Workshop will take place in Istanbul, we suggest to confront directly the questions relating to Turkey, its culture, identity, religion and its social, political, juridical and economical concerns, but as well questions concerning the relationship between Europe and the so called “Greater Middle-East” and the status of modernity and tradition. What can Europe bring to Turkey? What can Turkey bring to Europe? Which relationships Islamic, Christian, Arab, European, Greek traditions should or should not have today? What are the points of conflict? How can they be solved? How is peace possible within those issues? Those are some of the questions we would like to address during the workshop.

Laufzeit: 30.01.2009 - 28.06.2009
Zeiten: have yet to be announced
Ort: Istanbul
Förderung: The Boğaziçi University may offer some accommodations for lecturers.